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  • Handles for Boxes
    In paper, polypropylene or fabric; they are all completely customisable and available in various sizes and colours
  • Handles for Eco-Friendly Solutions
    Natural biodegradable cotton handles, which do not pollute the environment and respect nature.
  • Ideas, Innovation, Creativity
    Every day Brian Pack handles offer creative, innovative solutions which are reliable at the same time.


Handle in polyethylene with a great seal and low weight.
They can be used in any type of cardboard or plastic packaging.

They can be used in the cardboard with or without our back plate for handle.
The handle has a slightly satin surface so as to be pleasing to the eye and offer an excellent sensation to the touch.
The length between the lunettes measures 13 or 14 cm and is mainly available in 5 colors (neutral, white, black, red and blue).

 Thickness 1,5 mm





Back plate for handle made in plastic designed to be highly resistant and very thin. It can be used either with our handles that with those of similar shape.
The back plate greatly increases the resistance of the cardboard or plastic packaging when the handle is used. It has a smooth side to better adhere to the surface of the packaging and the other side is satin finished so as to be pleasing to the eye.
It measures 16 cm and it is available in neutral color.

Thickness 2mm


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